Blog 165 - A much better way of selling for your business

A much better way of selling for your business…

The world of sales – love it or hate it, we are all involved in it.

Most of us sell something or are sold something every day. Probably without even realising it…

On your way to work today the person on the radio will have sold you the idea of staying with them by telling you what is coming up next.

If you stop to fill up with petrol, the counter is full of non-petrol related items that are tempting you to buy…​

​Selling is no more the exclusive remit of the sales person. A new view of sales now determines your success, the success of your team and ultimately the success of your business…

According to statistics in the UK 10 in every 100 workers are involved directly in selling, but another research study of 9057 non-sales employees shows that 24 minutes of every working hour is dedicated to non-sales selling…

The radio broadcaster, a teacher trying to sell the merit of the class she is teaching or a manager trying to explain the importance of deadlines…

Like it or not we are all in sales, 10% of people are selling as part of their current sales job, the other 90% are convincing you to make an exchange of time, effort or attention.
They are all convincing, cajoling, persuading…

And research suggests that nearly everyone considers non-sales selling to be crucial to the success of their business.

Click here to learn how to tap into this new form of selling and use it to build and grow your business…

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